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Monday, July 31, 2017


August is my birthday month. I am excited to have 4 guest bloggers this month. 
Aug 7 - Connie Wolford
Aug 14 - Lauren Crew
Aug 21 - Heather Bock
Aug 28 - David Brannock
I want to thank them for making my birthday month special. 
Here is my yearly birthday post.
How do you celebrate your birthday? 
 I love parties with friends and family.  I admit, I love the gifts too.   
My birthday was my day.  A special day set aside just for me.  
Something changed on my 45th birthday.   
We lived in NH.  My husband was out of work, money was tight.  My husband was sad because he could not get me a birthday present.  We rarely exchange gifts anyway.  I had a long talk with God about this whole gift giving idea.  

A person should never feel pressured to give a gift.(Tweet This)

I continued my conversation with my Abba as I drove to the grocery store.  
While in line, I noticed the woman in front of me as she fumbled through her purse. She did not have enough money and looked embarrassed.  
I've been in that same situation. I usually put items back.
"Here, take this."  
I handed a ten dollar bill to the young man at the cash register, knowing I could not afford to.
"No! I can just put the ice cream back." the woman said without making eye contact.
"Not the ice cream,  it's my birthday today, the best present I could get is to buy Ice Cream for someone else."  The words came out before I could stop them.
"Happy Birthday!"  The young man at the register and the woman said in unison.
"Thank you!  Now, you would not want to deny me this present on my birthday would you?"
I loved the confused looks on both of their faces as the woman walked away, with her groceries, including the ice cream.
I purchased my groceries and headed home. 
Joy filled my heart and I thanked God for the wonderful Birthday gift.
I shared the story with my husband and son.
"From now on I am going to give on my birthday.  The gift I get in return is far more precious than anything money can buy!"
I rarely tell anyone that I do this.  I am not trying to promote myself or get an atta girl.
But, how can I keep such a wonderful blessing from you?
I want to challenge you to give on your birthday. 

'remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35 (ESV)

Don't tell anyone that you are doing it.  See how God blesses you for it.

I know many of you already give to the poor and needy.  God sees that.  
Will you go one step further? 
Will you join me and give on a day people least expect you to? I would love to hear about it. All the Glory goes to God!

Join the conversation.


  1. What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thank you Beckie God is good to help me get my eyes of myself. Have a great day

  3. Replies
    1. Leigh, Thank you. I wonder how hard it would be for a kid to do this?

  4. I'm smiling. Though I'm way too slow to get this done, I asked my husband to help me design a card: OUTSIDE: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY,!
    The idea being to share how those people are special to me. I've struggled with gifts for forever. My husband forgets birthdays and most other occasions. I've cried. We've talked. I've grown--then slip back. People are so programmed to ask, " What did you get? How did you celebrate?" This plan, that I need to get busy on, feels like God working in my heart. "He" does it best!

    1. Lonnie, Thank you for sharing your heart. It is heartbreaking when someone forgets our birthday, especially someone very close. My mom forgot mine on a few occasions but she was going through some difficult times. I cling to the fact that God never forgets me. I love the card idea. May I borrow it? I always appreciate your comments. God bless you, my friend.

    2. Absolutely, borrow it; just don't beat me to it. 8-) God continues to bring you to mind to pray. That tells me one thing: you are on His heart and His mind. Thank you for your blessings.

    3. Lonnie, I can feel your prayers. Life has been a roller coaster. I am editing my first book, my sister who lives with us, endured a broken neck from a major car accident and GOD HEALED HER. Now she is moving to Vegas to help take care of her grandkids. Family reunions, miscommunication and life in general renders me on my knees. I pray for you too.

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    5. Thank you for your prayers. So much appreciated! My biggest prayer lately has been that God would help me know when to speak up and when to SHUT UP. My faith and beliefs have taken some hits. God has been faithful. I, fairly consistently, pray for the heart of an intercessor. For both you and I, I pray for the heart and hand of a writer. I really can't figure out what place or theme writing is to have in my life. Again thanks for prayers. Blessings, friend.

    6. Lonnie, I love your prayer, "Speak up or shut up". I need that prayer too. I will pray God shows you what He has for your writing. I thought I was to write only non-fiction. My son and I are writing a fiction mystery novel. I did not want to write. I write out of obedience. I'm liking it more now that i know the healing I receive from putting my emotions on paper.

    7. Cheryl, thank you again for your prayers. My "stand up" put me in some hot water this week; but God has used it for good. AND . . . I have had peace and a willingness to surrender through it all. That is NOT my typical response. God Bless You. This is my weekend to work, so will probably not get to the new post that I see you have posted. But soon. Take care.

    8. Lonnie, Praying as you write. Standing up gets us noticed. So glad God used it for good.

  5. I love this! I used to have huge expectations on my birthday. I thought I was entitled to the selfishness. It always made my birthday miserable because it never met up with my expectations. One year I gave random acts of kindness during my birthday week and let go of my expectations. I had the best birthday ever! It really is better to give than to receive.

    Heather Bock

    1. Heather, Thank you for your honesty. I bet you blessed many people. I set high expectations on my birthday and Mothers day. I did a bible study and teaching on expectations. God truly spoke to me through His Word. My prayer is that the Birthday Challenge spreads like wild fire, not because I wrote it; God's glory is the utmost importance. God bless you Heather.

  6. Love this idea, Cherrilynn. One year at my birthday party, I went around the room and shared with my friends why they were special in my life and what I loved about them. It was refreshing to get my eyes off myself and put the spotlight on them. This year, I'm going to try your idea! Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Crickett, What a great idea, I may borrow yours too. God is good to get us refocused. Have a great weekend. Thank you for stopping by.

  8. Challenge accepted! Thanks for the great idea.

  9. Lynette, I look forward to hearing about it. May God bless your socks off. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Cherrilynn, this is a great practice for your birthday. I used to give my kids 2x their age on their birthday and take them to the grocery store. They could spend that money on anything for the food cupboard. It was an opportunity to talk about what they'd need most, value, giving instead of receiving, etc.

  11. Cathy, I love that idea. They get the joy of giving. Thank you for sharing. May we all teach our children this great principle.

  12. Your birthday month is finally here! It's nice to see someone's face when they have received a blessing like that. I appreciate when people are giving to me. I'll try to find a way to do something for someone spontaneously.

  13. Katy, I would love to hear about it when you spontaneously bless someone. You bless me daily. Thank you for your comments.