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Friday, August 19, 2016


“STOP!” I screamed as I grew more frustrated.  “I can’t focus! How am I going to get this book done?"
 I have ADHD.   I did not realize I had it until my son was diagnosed with it 10 years ago.  
Finally, I had an answer to my fidgeting, lack of concentration, unfinished projects (Tweet this)
and my urge to blurt things out during a conversation because I'm afraid the words will escape me.
 I knew I needed focus and discipline to finish the book.

   What happens when ADHD meets discipline?  I liken my thoughts to a squirrel scrambling to collect nuts.  There are so many that he stops in his tracks.  “Which way do I go?”  “Which nut do I focus on first?  Which one is the biggest?"
  I am that squirrel, with  a hundred  thoughts flashing around in my brain.  What chapter to I focus on today?   What will touch the reader’s heart?  What Bible verses do I use?  LUNCH!

“Lord, I need your help!”  I knew God would not call me to write and then leave me scurrying about gathering up words that don’t make sense.
Image result for SQUIRREL My biggest problem is finishing a task.   I continued to pray.
 A friend of mine mentioned a Discipleship Counseling Course that he completed through Eternity College.  The course was free.   I like free.   I signed up and found myself with ten hours of homework each week.  Homework that would change my life forever.
 We had to complete the book, “You Can Change” by Tim Chester.  The book states to pick one thing you want God to help you change. I chose Procrastination.  Working through the book helped me figure out why I procrastinate.  It is not just ADHD.  I lost that excuse.
It is disobedience. I know God called me to write. 
I can’t blame the squirrel for everything.  I searched the scriptures. and the next verse became my marching orders.
  “Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it, according to your means.”
 2 Corinthians 8:11

I try to apply this verse daily, trusting God will keep His promise from the Scripture.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4:13

I made a schedule and follow it.  This keeps me focused.
Squirrels still invade my day, I have even chased a few but God gently reminds me to focus. 
Instead of chasing them I try to learn from them.
 They chase each other up and down trees, scurry across the yard, hang from the bird feeder, and gather nuts like it is a relay race.  Seems like a bunch of craziness to me. However, their work gets accomplished and they have fun while doing it.

I accept my ADHD and give God the glory for using this squirrel chaser to further His Kingdom.(tweet this)
Do you chase squirrels? What distracts you?
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  1. Cherrilynn, I have trouble staying focused. I'm very much like the squirrel, sometimes feeling like I'm going in circles. I've found that I do best when I set one goal (something that's reachable in a set amount of time), and I reward myself with something fun when I accomplish that goal. Then I set the next goal. If I can just focus on one thing, I can make progress. Otherwise, I get overwhelmed and distracted by all the things that need to get done. Thanks for this great post!

    1. Crickett, That is a great strategy. May I use it? I set goals but I don't reward myself. I think I will begin with a little bag of chocolates on my desk. When I finish my task I can have one. When I am 10lbs heavier everyone will know I have been working hard. Thank you for your encouragement and idea. I appreciate you stopping by.

  2. I like to multi-task. It gives my mind a break from working on one project too long. However, I need to be on Facebook a lot for promoting things that I get distracted. So I decided each project is worth the attention it needs, and Facebook can wait till later (the browsing). I hope to implement that, and it get more done in one sitting. And finish things too! Thanks for your post, Cherrilynn! I pray God blesses you with concentration for finishing your book!

    1. Katy, Thank you for sharing. Multi-tasking is a must for me too. My brain needs to switch gears often. Facebook draws me in too. I only look at the notifications, wish Happy Birthdays, and check if there are any new comments in the groups I follow. That takes me up to 30 minutes. I do this 2x per day. I appreciate you, my friend. Thank you for your prayers.

  3. I love the idea of accomplishing the task AND having fun. Sometimes, after spending hours on writing, sending, research or whatever, I have to remind myself that I love every part of that process. My "fun" doesn't necessarily look like other people's fun, but that's okay too. I think I'm afraid to call it fun, lest others deem it "not work" or a waste of time.

    1. Lonnie, Thanks for your comment. Work can be fun. I believe God wants us to enjoy the task He ordained or us. I also find research fun. Have a blessed day, my friend. I was trying to find your email and I cannot. Praying for you