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Friday, October 7, 2016


"My life's been on hold for 3 years," my exhausted friend said.  She cared for her elderly parents.
"Now that they are with Jesus I can continue my life, I loved taking care of them, I miss them, but now I can continue with my life."
Another friend stated,
"This  knee surgery put my life on hold for the last six weeks."
I made the same statement to myself as I stood in Trauma Unit one of Rhode Island Hospital. As machines beeped, doctors performed a tracheotomy behind me, and a woman coded in the next room, I stared at my sister laying on a cold metal table in a neck brace.
My sister needs me, I have to put my life on hold to take care of her.
Ninety minutes prior, she was rear-ended by a pickup truck that fled the scene.
After examination, the doctor determined she had a small fracture in her neck.
The physicians did not know the extent of the damage.
Thoughts rushed through my head as I held my sister's hand.
How can I take care of her? My book, On Hold. Speaking, On Hold. Coffee with friends, On Hold. 
I felt guilty for thinking about myself and not my sister.
The Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart, This IS your life, Your life is NOT on hold.  YOUR plans may be temporarily on hold. I am with you, guiding you and teaching you through this experience. You are here for a
reason. You are here to pray for your sister and others.
I began to pray for those around me. The man behind me now can breathe.
The woman in the next room was saved by the electric paddles.
The scared family and friends in the waiting room. I told them I prayed for them, I saw an instant peace as their shoulders dropped and they smiled.
I was part of Gods plan through prayer. (tweet this)
Now, my sister is out of her neck brace, and I am back to my schedule.
I thank God for the valuable lesson and for allowing me to be part of His plan.
MY schedule may be altered, but my life is never on hold.
Has God put your life on "HOLD?" Please join the conversation.

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