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Friday, October 28, 2016


"I didn't know she was part of our congregation." My husband said as we left the church.
Hotdogs were fitting for our Fellowship Lunch as Wilma Briggs, All American Girls Professional Leauge baseball player, shared her story.
My son was riveted as Willie unfolded her history. Her dad taught her to  bat and field better than the boys. When she wasn't stealing bases she was milking cows.

Pictures and memorabilia were passed around as she gave details about the movie, A Leauge of Their Own, directed by Penny Marshall.
"I'm in the scene when the credits roll," Wilma said.
Impressive. A movie star and Professional Baseball player. I thought to myself.
Wilma picked up the antique bat. "I led the league in home runs in 1953,"
So why hadn't I heard her story in the past?
You can find her short Television interview  here.
I gave Wilma a hug and thanked her for sharing her remarkable story.
Am I so caught up in my life that I am oblivious to my brothers and sisters in my church?

I do know a few fascinating people in my church, even if they didn't play Professional Baseball.
Jill came here from the Philippines a few years ago. She
speaks perfect English now and has learned to navigate the highways and byways of Rhode Island. She is a remarkable wife and mom.  She makes her curtains, and I look forward to her cooking at potluck dinners. She spearheaded a book collection drive to send books back to her homeland.  I learned that people in the  Philippines put up Christmas decorations in September . 
We have a security guard who works for Gillette Stadium. He stands shoulder to shoulder with professional ball players and famous singers. 
My congregation has many business owners, and a doctor for the State of Rhode Island. I wondered why this doctor would get up in the middle of service. He has the final say for hospitals to administer certain  life-saving shots.

Each person is fascinating. I want to make it a point to spend time with my brothers and sisters here on earth, Afterall, we will be spending eternity in Heaven with each other.
What fascinating people sit in the pew next to you?
Join the conversation.

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