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Thursday, April 6, 2017


"Cherrilynn, I'm scared, this guy is getting too close to us."
My Navy friend and I  enjoyed dinner and a late movie downtown. The bus stop was two blocks from the cinema.
"Just don't act scared, he may leave." I tried to reassure my friend.
We picked up our pace.
The stranger's footsteps grew louder and fasters.
"He's getting closer!" she whispered
"Don't panic!"
"Cherrilynn, I'm scared,"
With military precision, I did an about-face, looked the man in the eyes,
The man could not see my knees shake, I felt sick to my stomach.
His eyes widened, as he felt my breath on his face.
"Sorry, I didn't realize I was so close." he said.
"Yeah, Right! Pay attention next time, now leave!" I said trying to hold my weak legs in place, in awe of my sudden boldness (or stupidity).
The man turned around and walked in the opposite direction.
My friend and I ran to the bus stop. We vowed to bring the guys with us next time for protection.

Have you been followed?

Don't be scared, it's not a stranger but something so amazing- Gods goodness and mercy.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, Psalm 23:6 ESV

Psalm 23 depicts a glorious picture. In front of us, leading us, is Jesus, the good Shepherd. He protects us and provides for our every need as we follow Him.
Securing our safety and security in the rear-God's goodness and mercy

Charles Surgeon-a pastor and theologian describes this verse:
"These twin guardian angels will always be with me at my back and my beck. Just as when great princes go abroad they must not go unattended, so it is with the believer." (Spurgeon)

What follows you? Bad memories, sin, a painful past? God's goodness and mercy will protect you. 

*Goodness- Tovebeautiful, best, better, bountiful, cheerful, at ease
*Mercy-Checed-favour, good deed, beauty, kindness

A believer who follows Jesus closely is guarded by God's best, we have favor all around us. 

Let's relax and follow the Shephard of our souls as His goodness and mercy follows us.
Are you being followed?
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*definitions from www.blueletterbible.com


  1. Great post, Cherrilynn! I love your HOOK! Thanks for the reminder that Jesus is always with us!

  2. Crickett, thank you for the encouragement