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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


 I left the 2015 Writer to Writer retreat early.  There was an ice storm predicted to hit the east coast late afternoon, and I wanted to get ahead of it. 
 I left Hershey, PA for Rhode Island at 7 am, waving goodbye to all the free chocolate.
Coffee in hand, check, the gas tank full, Check, Leaving early enough to beat the storm...   
Less than one hour into the drive it began to rain.  
It is only rain, I said to myself as I noticed a sand truck in front of me.

He must be getting ready for the snow storm this afternoon.  Good job, guys, preparing early! 
 Yes, I talk to myself as I drive.  
Blue flashing lights interrupted my conversation.
I hope no one is hurt,
I gasped as I drove by the black four-door car that looked like a large can opener removed its entire roof.   
Lord, are the roads that bad? I left early enough to avoid the storm!  
 I white knuckled my steering wheel, talking to God with more intensity.  I drove less than a mile.
  Another car off the road, 
Hey, isn't that the girl who just passed me?   
I was frightened.  
Lord, what do I do?
 I was so focused on the road in front of me I barely noticed the cars passing me.  I glanced toward my side mirror.
 My car is encased in ice, Lord, please help me! I am so frightened right now! WHAT DO I DO?
Yes, I am a New Englander but I hate driving in the ice and snow.
  More blue lights were directly in front of me.  I gripped the wheel tighter as I drove past another horrible scene.  
Another car that passed me was lodged 20 feet in a tree off the road and a different car disintegrated, almost unrecognizable, about 100 feet from it.  I began to shake and cry.   
I  called my sister who lives in Rhode Island. (no I did not take my hands off the wheel) 
I needed to hear a friendly voice in case I was the next tragedy of this storm. 
Get off the road now and find a hotel. I will pay for it, my sister said.
She did not have to tell me twice.  I immediately got off the highway to safety.  The car made it to the hotel and only then did I slide, right into the parking space.
It took me the rest of the day to stop shaking.  I could not stop thanking the Lord for His protection.
No matter what life throws at me, I try to find a spiritual lesson. (click to tweet)
Concerning my thrill ride, the lesson seems obvious.  God protects.  However, there was another lesson for me to learn.  
 Enlarge my focus.  I had tunnel vision for the first part of my journey.  I did not see the potential danger until I reached a car accident.  
There are times in life that we must take a look around us, to assess the situation. 
When I finally looked at my side view mirror, I knew that I was in trouble.  I immediately fixed my eyes back on the road and drove to safety.  
The police closed the Highway just minutes after I arrived at the Hotel.  
There were over 400 accidents that morning, three resulting in death.

As I look back (quickly) at that terrifying car ride, I thank God for teaching me that proper focus is vital.
  Dangers can come from every angle, at times we won't see it, but God does.
 Has hyper-focus effected your life?
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