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Monday, June 19, 2017


Chills went down my spine the first time I heard the voice of God in the movie  The Ten Commandments.  
  "put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground."

My 5-year-old brain truly thought it was God.  

I wanted to take my shoes off and obey, even if our household was far from serving God.
 Twenty-two years later, God saved my miserable soul.
 I still get the chills when I see Moses bow down to God and take off his sandals. Now I know it was just an actor.
Of course, my favorite Hymn is Holy Ground
As a new believer, I looked forward to singing it.
One Sunday morning, as the congregation sang,"We are standing on Holy Ground..."  the Spirit convicted my heart. 
...If you believe this, why do you go out to clubs and dance while the guys ogle you? 

Ouch!  Was that God speaking to me?   
 The previous night, my sister and I went to a dance club with friends.  I love to dance.  In fact, I have won contests for limbo, twist and free dancing.  What's wrong with dancing?
We considered leaving early after a guy said something rude and provocative about my dancing.
My sister and I felt a twinge of conviction but did not act on it.

As I finished singing the song, conviction and sorrow overwhelmed me. 
I repented immediately.
Wherever I go, God is with me.  His Spirit lives in me.
I'm always standing on Holy Ground.
I realized it wasn't the dancing that displeased God (King David danced); it was the way I danced.  It provoked men to stumble. If I truly admit it, I wanted the attention.
As I grow in the Lord I see how wrong I was. 
I still dance.  I do not go out to clubs.  I dance in my house and in the homes of family and friends.  
 My favorite place to dance is in my kitchen during the early morning.  I raise my arms in praise and dance unto the Lord.  No award can measure up to the joy and peace I feel when I dance in the presence of my King.
May I always remember that I'm on Holy Ground, whether I am at the grocery store, movie theater, or in my home.
Where is your Holy Ground?
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