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Monday, August 28, 2017

Birthday Celebration with David Brannock

Does God Ever Speak to You in Unusual Ways?
Lord, I Wish to Speak to You
“Lord, I need to speak to you. Now!”
June 2011     Lake Junaluska, North Carolina
A swift stride set the cadence for an afternoon walk around the lake. My mental screen flickered to life. Deep disappointments and hurts played like an old movie I’d watched so often I could quote every line. While the credits rolled, I peppered God with questions like Job.
During my cross-examination, I reminded God of a few things. (As if the Lord forgets). I went to seminary convinced God’s call was to nontraditional ministry. Yet, the system disregarded my heart’s desire and threw me into its pulpit pipeline.
Then left me in congregational leadership for 17 years.
Pastoral ministry was like treading water without a life vest in the middle of a large lake. In response to the pull and tug of endless demands, I churned 55-70 hours a week. Every week.
Sometimes a friendly voice shouted from the shore, “Slow down. Take care of yourself.” But their advice didn’t alleviate the fear that if my arms and legs stopped moving, I’d sink. Which sermon, event, project, meeting, funeral, surgery, or crisis can preachers realistically skip without a whirlpool of complaints yanking them down? No generally accepted standards exist to say when a minister has done enough.
What Do You Say, Lord?
My rant continued until I neared the wooden one-lane bridge over the lake dam.  An invisible Hand turned my head toward a car moving away from me. Its tires began to thump thump thump over the planks of the bridge.
The only thing I noticed about that car was the personalized North Carolina license plate. I stopped and stared until it reached the other side.
Our God is an awesome God. Normally the Lord speaks to us through the Bible. But on this occasion, God orchestrated events so that particular license plate would grab my attention at precisely the right moment.
The Lord invited me to renew my commitment. TRUST.
Lord, Help Us Fulfill Our Mutual Desires
August 2017    
Cherrilynn and I celebrate our birthdays this month. When God knit you and me together in our mothers’ wombs (see Psalm 139:13), I believe our Creator tucked certain desires into our hearts. God placed in me the strong desire to write. Ever since I wrote my first “book” at age seven, I’ve enjoyed creating and sharing stories.
TRUST. A year after that walk around the North Carolina lake, God led me out of pastoral ministry to write and speak full-time. The years I spent crafting church announcements, articles, and sermons prepared me well for this new role.
TRUST. God is faithful. The Lord wants you and me to fulfill the desires He personally placed within our hearts. God’s plans for us don’t include leaving us to drown in a sea of despair.
To encourage you, may Lauren Daigle’s song “Trust in You” boost your faith today.
What unusual signs or ways has God used to speak to you?   

David Brannock is a clear writer and speaker who loves using analogies and teaching new perspectives. He previously worked as a CPA, instructor, and pastor. David’s current projects involve writing drama for stage and screen. Visit him at DavidBrannock.com.

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  1. Beautiful post, David. Happy Birthday month to you too. I will pray for you. I pray for many pastors. God used a semi truck to get His message to me. I prayed for a year about ending a relationship. I did not want to end it. The man was wishy washy and my talons clung to him like an eagle clinging to a fish it just caught. Yes, I was a bit co-dependent at the time. I praise God for healing me. One day as I was walking and praying I cried out to God through tears of pain, "Lord, what do you want me to do with this relationship?" I looked up as a semi truck drove by. The words on the side SEVERENCE! I got my message.