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Tuesday, November 14, 2017


God called me to be a Red basket servant. 
Yes one of those
red plastic baskets some restaurants use to serve fries, chips, and chicken wings?
Let me explain.
As I stormed the gates of heaven begging God to use me, He showed me a picture in my head of a red basket with some pita bread, broken into pieces. 
The image made me hungry-sorry Lord.
The Spirit impressed upon my heart, You are the basket...my servant, always be prepared. Now go to the Bible and study both stories of Jesus feeding the multitudes.

I opened my Bible, after I had a snack.
I read:
Mathew 14:10-21 The story of Jesus feeding the 5000 after the beheading of his cousin, John the Baptist.
Jesus was heartbroken. He tried to go to a desolate place by himself but He was followed by people who wanted to be healed.  He had compassion on them, He healed them and then fed them.
Mathew 15:29-39  Jesus was on a mountain healing many. He was joyful; the people glorified the God of Israel because of all the miracles.  Then Jesus fed them.

As I compared these two stories the Spirit echoed in my heart,
Like Jesus, I will use you to feed many. Whether you are in physical or emotional pain, in a desolate place, or on a mountain top, filled with joy.  No matter the circumstance, you are my servant. I will use you when I want and how I want. Always be prepared.
I thought of the red plastic basket in my vision.  It has no great value, but it held bread, the sustenance of life.
I hold The Word of God in my head and heart, which can nourish many.  

God tests me as His Red Basket Servant.  
He has called me to serve out of fear, pain and joy.

At times I'm so weak and tired, I don't want to minister to anyone.  I want someone to minister to me.
Have you ever felt like that?
God reminds me that I'm a Red Basket Servant and it's His Spirit that empowers me to serve, no matter how much pain I'm in.
I have served reluctantly, but God changes my heart when I see how He is glorified through my obedience.

My favorite Red Basket moments are when God uses me to encourage a group of ladies. I love to teach the Word and serve God in this capacity. I am so excited when I observe the Spirit change someone's countenance from sorrow to joy.

No matter when or where I serve, my Savior reminds me that I serve in His power, for His glory.   

We are all Red Basket Servants, called to be broken and used by our Master, when and where He desires.

At times I feel more like a basket case than a Red Basket Servant.
God reminds me that He loves me no matter what.
We get to serve the King of the Universe.
Please share with me how God has used you as His Red Basket Servant. 
Don't be shy, join the conversation.
It's all for His glory.
Praise His holy name.


  1. I'm reminded, as I read your post, we all share common struggles as we walk with God. I know what it is to feel you have nothing more to give and need someone to pour into your life. I'm praying God will surround you with people who will do just that so you can continue being the red basket servant not, as you said, the basket case. (Love that, by the way!)

  2. Michelle, Thank you for your encouragement. I have people in my life who encourage me now. You are so sweet.

  3. Great picture Cherrilynn - may we always be willing to serve how He sees fit! :)

  4. Vicky, Thank you so much for your encouragement, sweet friend.

  5. What a beautiful analogy. We' can always be serving- whether a kind word in a supermarket or teaching a class. Thanks for painting this picture to show us.

  6. I love this, Cherrilynn. I too get weary and feel more like a basket case rather than His representative. So thankful that He leads by His spirit and empowers us to step out in faith.

  7. Marilyn That you for the encouragement. May we always be ready with a kind word. I pray you have a great Thanksgiving.

  8. Jeanne, Basket cases unite. Hee hee. We know who fills our basket, my friend. I know you always turn to Him. You have encouraged many with your words. I'm one of them. Thank you. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Thank you for your encouraging post. We need to hear God and do our best to follow His directions.

  10. Jann, Amen. We follow even when we don't understand. Thank you for the encouragement, my friend.

  11. Oh, Cherrilynn! I know how you feel! When you talked of being "weak and tired" and "serving reluctantly", I thought, "that's me." I know I'm the Lord's servant--I don't want to be anywhere else. But, sometimes I'm weary to the bone and I don't feel like I'm serving very well. I'm so grateful that our Lord doesn't give up on us and picks me up when I stumble and sets me back on the path. Wishing you blessings on your journey!

  12. Kathrin, Thank you so much. I love that when we are weak then God is strong in us. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. I had never noticed the different context of those two stories. What a fantastic insight!
    Great analogy, by the way.

  14. Carole, I did not notice the difference in context until the Spirit prompted me to read both. I got chills. God is so good to us to keep teaching us. Thank you for your encouragement.

  15. I hear your heart. Thank you for being honest. When we are broken before Him and yielded up as the loaves of bread were people can be nourished through what Jesus has done in our lives. We add nothing to it. Just His miraculous work in us as we yield when we are broken. We can testify to that power. Truly when you have given all to Him He can flow through in His fullness.

    You had mentioned that sometimes you cry out for someone to minister to you. I know we all long for that at times. I do not know if this will help but you may find our story about our journey of faith some benefit and encouragement. Freely we have received, freely we give. From one basket case to another. ;)

    Homer Les